28 July 2017

giving up youtube

Yup. I'm officially giving up YouTube...


or, dare I say...


If you've read any of my posts from this summer (or even last summer) you might know that I've been trying to do this for awhile now. But there's always been some exception. Like "I'll go back in 30 days" (yeah I didn't even make it 10 days so...) or "I'll just watch on the weekends" or whatever. Maybe these plans would have worked out? But when I made one exception to the "No YouTube Rule" like "I'll just watch one video" or "It's okay on the weekends" I usually just gave up the whole thing and ended up watching a ton of YouTube and there were no more limits to when I could watch or how much.

So I decided today to give it all up. No exceptions. There are a few reasons for this.

When my older sister, Abby, was a teenager, she used to watch YouTube all the time too. Now she doesn't almost at all. She learns so many things, reads so many books, writes so much, etc. etc. and that's how I want to be! I don't want YouTube to get in the way of those things. I want to learn about philosophy and psychology and history (etc., etc.) even outside of school. And besides that, I haven't even read all the Chronicles of Narnia! I want to read C.S. Lewis and I want to learn things I'm interested in!

So one reason is YouTube gets in the way of things I want to do. Another reason is I want to be like my sister in that she doesn't waste time or procrastinate or whatever. She values learning, she values real life, she values things other than screens.

Also, I need to do this soon because when school rolls around I will be wanting to procrastinate and YouTube is one of the biggest things I procrastinate with.

Another reason, well, the most important reason is this:

Matthew 5:29-30

29 kIf your right eye lcauses you to sin, tear it out and throw it away. For it is better that you lose one of your members than that your whole body be thrown into mhell. 30 kAnd if your right hand lcauses you to sin, cut it off and throw it away. For it is better that you lose one of your members than that your whole body go into mhell.

I read that this morning and I realized that I shouldn't just half-way give up YouTube, I need to tear it out. And yeah, YouTube can be a good thing (so can an eye or a hand) but it's using up the time God has given me to do other things. Who knows if all these YouTubers are influencing me for better or worse when I hear even just snippets of their beliefs (which are usually against the Bible). 

And, even if I miss Rhett and Link or whomever, I'll remember this: in heaven, will I really think "man I wish I had watched more of their videos?" Because I don't think I will.

And I'm not saying everyone else should do this too! No way! I know I'm the one who has trouble with time management and that YouTube is one of the biggest predators on my time. And not everyone has this problem. And I know that you don't have this problem, Mairi. So don't feel guilty if you want to watch YouTube haha!

And I'd like you to keep me accountable. Right now it doesn't feel like I'll be watching any YouTube ever again, but in a few weeks, who knows if I'll give in? So I want you to ask me every once in awhile if I've been watching YouTube and then I'll have to tell you if I have been. But hopefully my answer will be "Nope!"

Anyways, it is a bit sad, but it actually feels really good to be done with YouTube.

Sorry if this was depressing! Just know it's best for me and I will be doing actual things now instead of watching videos!

Yours Truly,

I'm so glad we're reading The Scarlet Pimpernel! It's awesome to actually read a good book that isn't part of school. I haven't read a book just for fun in awhile o_o" so I'm glad we are doing this! :D And I know you've wanted me to read it for awhile and sorry I didn't sooner. But now I get to read it with you and Paulina and discuss it and stuff! Thanks so much for inviting me to read it!

I'm leaving for vacation tomorrow so I might not respond to anything tomorrow if you email me or something. But I will still be reading our book on vacation so don't worry! I like having at least one book to read on vacation so I will enjoy it! 


  1. Yay! So glad you enjoy the book - I would hate for you to be like well this is awkward you have the weirdest taste in books. XD So I'm so glad!! It did seem right up your alley, though. And don't worry about not reading it sooner, I had wanted to read it with another person or people so it was actually more convenient this way. :)

    And you have such. A. Good. Point! That is so true: when I get to Heaven, will I care that I didn't watch more Miranda Sings, Rhett and Link, John Crist, Studio C, etc.? No. I won't care at all - and if I waste time online, when am I going to find time to enjoy the things God has created offline?

    We're limited in our screen time - we only get half an hour on an electronic, and it really does help. That way we don't waste the whole day staring at a screen for hours on end. So if you decide the YouTube thing isn't working out (hopefully that will be like three months from now after you've stuck with it, right? haha), it might be fun to try limiting your time. Just a suggestion. I'm not saying we're better or smarter or anything, I'm just kind of thinking out loud.

    Anyway, thanks for sharing - that was really interesting and you have some really good points! ♥

  2. Yes! That is a really good idea! I might do that if I ever decide to go back to watching YouTube.

    I won't make this long since I emailed you a long email so byeee!


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