23 June 2017

things going on

It's been one month since there's been a post, so I decided I should get cracking. I don't want to spend a ton of time writing because I have tons of things I want to do (VBS is next week, eeeeyaya!!) and there's a lot going on. And it's so thrilling, I love when we're super busy.

Also it might be confusing (when you get to "present") because I'm writing this on Thursday, but posting it on Friday because then it will be exactly one month since I last posted and I like things to be like that. Forewarned is forearmed.

Well... so first off...

We've been busy every weekend from March 4th (Mr. Hall's wedding) until now. And it hasn't let up one bit, and I don't think we'll get any less busy until the school year starts because then there aren't quite so many visitors ;)

We had a family (the Knights) staying with us for my faux bro Kyle's wedding, and they were an interesting family, maybe I'll tell you about it later, but don't count on it. A lot happened while they were here. A lot.

Then, we took a deep breath and had the Johnsons staying with us over Memorial Day (I'm only telling you about the people who stayed with us, not about the things happening every week because to tell you the truth I don't remember all of what we did), and they were a great family, they had two little kids and the mom was really nice.

And then last week we had the Walkers staying with us, Deryn's best friend and her husband and daughter, who is probably the cutest baby I've ever seen. At least one of.

We're getting ready for VBS! I'm really excited about it, you already know that Mags, but I am.

Jess is taking a film class for school and I don't know if we're watching Vertigo tonight or tomorrow night, but I love Vertigo so I can't wait! If it's tomorrow night, it's not really present, but I don't know, we normally watch a movie or play a game or do something on Friday nights, so we'll probably watch it tomorrow. But I'm posting this "tomorrow", so it shouldn't be a big deal unless we watch it Thursday night. ;)

And in the present, I'm thinking about starting The Laughing Cavalier, because even though the romance is  (that's a little sick emoji, because I don't have a barfing emoji), it's still a good book, because it's funny and also find me someone (or maybe just a female) who doesn't like a Prince Charming to save the day (or, like, her). Not that I read it for the swashbuckling tale, but it's still fun when I don't have anything to do.

So I might be reading that in the present.

And also in the present, it's almost time to start making dinner so I should go see if Mom wants me to take that up. But I'll finish up here first.

VBS!!!!!! Second year volunteering and I'm so hyped up! I loved Missions last year and s/o to Mags, thanks for telling them I wanted to do it again this year! When I went to VBS as a participator (not a volunteer), I didn't really like Missions all that much, but as a volunteer, man way more fun! Last year I did the slides and the games and they were both fun. There was a lady who did the slides the first couple days but she had something going on later that week so she didn't do it the whole way through so I took over and it was so much fun! I love technology, it's convenient. And I also did the games and there was a kid named Mateo who shows up at the Y every few days and his sister Bella who has really pretty eyes and looks like a deer in headlights, and there was Joshua The Colorblind Kid. At least, that's how I think of him, because he pretended he was colorblind and couldn't see color at all but that's not how colorblindness works I don't think... and I kind of gave him a bad time about it, but he's probably over it by now. If I get Missions, he'll probably walk into the room, see me, and go oh nooo...

Just kidding, I'll be nicer.

And then there is the Family Conference! Which I'm also excited about. I'm helping with the special needs kids which wasn't super thrilling at first but it's growing on me. I think I'm supposed to be doing something on Thursday? (not next week but the week after) and I wasn't totally clear about the details so I'll have to ask Olivia about that (not OT, Olivia the one who married M and L's brother -- she's also the pastor's daughter, not that you would necessarily know or care), and get all the details.
Then also I'm (hopefully) staying with Anna and her parents at the hotel on the seminary, so that should be a lot of fun. I might not, because if her sister decides she wants to stay after all, Anna doesn't want me to stay. I don't know why, but I decided I wouldn't ask. Anna doesn't seem to be very happy with her, so I think something has gone on that she doesn't want me to know about. Or maybe it's just as simple as not wanting me there when her sister is there. I don't know, and I probably won't find out. But that's ok. As long as her sister decides she'll stay home, I'm good to go and that's what I hope will happen. We'll see!

But I'm really excited about that.

Something I'm not excited about... we're going to California sometime this July because that's the only time Der and Jess can take time from school (Der is an intern and Jess has summer school) to get down there, and we're going to go and spend some time with Gram because she's lonely and also try to clean out and pack up some of her stuff so she can be more ready to move sometime this coming September I think. It depends on when my aunt Debbie can retire and they can move out to Tennessee (she and Uncle Joel and Gram). So I don't know what we'll be doing but I really don't want to go down there because it will be like three weeks not at home and I like being home during the summer and working on projects and summer things and volunteering for different things and decorating my room... things like that. I do not want to be in CA for the majority of July. No way. And also Mom doesn't want to because we'll miss the eclipse, which happens sometime in July and we were going to go see it happen in Indiana where Jess lives during winter (fall to spring). And yeah the solar eclipse is cool, so I'd want to see it too, and I don't want to miss it because who knows when I'll get to see it again?

So I really don't want to but it's the only time Der and Jess are available and I'm like maybe we just shouldn't go out there at all. Or maybe Der and Jess should stay here. Or maybe they should stay here with me and you guys could go. Or Der, Jess, Mom, and I could stay here! Lots of ideas and I don't like any of them except the everyone-staying-home idea.

And there's also the Mid-Summer Lord's Day in Michigan that I really want to go to. I went two years ago but couldn't go last year because complications. Mostly Jess has school, I think. But I hope Jess, Lottie, Elee and I can go because that would be fun. But if Jess has school, it might have to be Mom who takes us which would be fine but not very fair to Dad because Deryn doesn't know how to cook, if Jess had school she would be gone until the weekend (and what is she supposed to do, cook for the week and then leave instructions and head?), and Kit would be the oldest there and she doesn't know how to cook either, especially not for a whole family. And also Dad would be working so he wouldn't even be there to help if anything went wrong.

So that's also a question mark. I think I'll just live for the next two weeks and then start really figuring out what we're going to do. Maybe I could just use a basketball strategy - run out the clock. Just keep stalling until July is done and we still haven't gotten to CA. Of course, I'd have to stop stalling and get everyone to Indiana to watch the eclipse, but we'll cross that bridge when we come to it. For now I'm just living for VBS and the family conference! ;)

Anyway, guess that's all for now. I should go help Mom with dinner.

Later, alligator!

Yours Truly,


  1. YAY VBS! I found out what we've been assigned actually. I really hope you're not disappointed but me and you are helping with the 4 year olds! I'm really sorry they didn't assign you to Missions but I think we will have a lot of fun!
    Also Elee is helping with the finished 5th graders I'm pretty sure.

    So is it the Southern Baptist Theological Seminary near Louisville? Cuz that's where my dad works!

    I hope you don't have to miss so much stuff while in California! But I also hope that if you Gram needs help with stuff she gets help :-) But either way God will work it out perfectly and for the absolute best! (But you know that anyway)

    Anyways see you tomorrow at VBS!!

    1. Sorry, I didn't see this until today -- was it ok that Elee did it and that we switched? I didn't switch because I didn't want to be with you, it was because I thought it would be fun to see what traveling with a grade would be like. I'm really sorry, it's totally not personal, was that ok? I hope you aren't disappointed!

      Yeah, that's the place! I totally forgot your dad works there XD haha

      Yeah, God knows what's best for me, so I'll have to be ok with whatever He gives me. :)

      Thanks Mags, VBS was so much fun!

    2. Yes! That was completely fine! Elee and I had so much fun! And besides I know you would have rather been with older kids! :)

      That's awesome! My sister used to work at the hotel there but now she works at the library. She won't be there though because she's in England for two weeks but my dad my be there somewhere lol!

      I just realized that almost all of the sentences I just wrote ended in exclamation points... so I'll try to cut back next time! (whoops)



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